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Open Mobility
Sustainable Travel
Green Reward
Carbon Footprint
img img Features Instant payment
Open API Integration Real time Analytics Carbon
Slide img Benefits Single itinerary for multimodal journey
Promote sustainable transport
Open API Integration
Provide First & Last Mile connectivity
Less impact to existing Infrastructure
New Revenue Opportunities
Real-time Settlements, increasing cashflow
Access to new customers
Secured & Transparent Digital Ticketing
Manage employee mobility budget
1 Stop Corporate Mobility application
Closed Loop Wallet for employees
Aligned Carbon Zero objective
Auditable footprint tracking & offsetting
Seamless Mobility Experience
Digital Payments & Settlements
Passive Income opportunities
Control over Identity &Increased privacy
Rewards for promoting sustainable transport
img Proof of Sustainability icon icon icon icon Proof of Sustainability is an algorithm centered at the heart of the UrbanGo ecosystem to interlink and connect all the elements of transportation together towards sustainability. The Engine is fueled by UrbanGo Green tokens. icon icon icon Product Roadmap Company Structuring
Team Formation
Seed Fund Closure
MVP Development
Token Concept Development
Fund Raising - Green Token
Pilot Project
Partner Onboarding
Product Scaling
DAO Implementation
Team Scaling
Production Rollouts
2021 2022 2023
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